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BBC 2W was a short-lived digital variant of BBC Two Wales that existed from late 2001 to early 2009. It was only available in Wales, or to those in the wider British Isles who subscribed to Sky digital satellite service. It offered more Welsh-centric, though not Welsh-language, programming than conventional BBC Two Wales. For most of its broadcasting day, it was identical to the analogue version of BBC Two Wales that was then still running. However, during primetime, or 2030 to 2230, it exclusively featured programming on Welsh topics. This allowed for the commissioning of a number of narrow-interest programmes than would otherwise have been the case. On 2 January 2009, 2W ceased transmission, leaving only BBC Two Wales.

It had only one known significance to the television programmes set in the Doctor Who universe: it was the commmissioning network for Designs on Doctor Who, a documentary about Swansea native Edward Thomas.

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