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BBC Colouring: Doctor Who was an Android and iOS app released in 2016. It was used to colour pre-designed, Doctor Who-themed pictures. These included several characters and objects from the Doctor Who franchise, such as the Doctor, many of the Doctor's companions, and the TARDIS.

Synopsis Edit

Planets, galaxies, villains, heroes, the TARDIS, the time vortex and every incarnation of the Doctor - all intricately illustrated in this timey wimey digital colouring book packed with Doctor Who art.

With 45 stunning images to colour, this out-of-this-world app is perfect for any creative Doctor Who fan.

Features Edit

Gallery Edit

This section is split in five other sections, each of which contains images from "Doctors", "Enemies", "Patterns", "Scenes" and "Lettering", respectively.

Library Edit

A gallery of the user's coloured images.

Be Inspired Edit

This section provides finished coloured images to "inspire" the user.

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