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BBC Wales Graphics, sometimes credited as BBC Wales Graphic Design, is a department of BBC Wales itself, and not of the Doctor Who production office. It provides graphical design to the various shows that are produced at BBC Wales. Its work has usually been uncredited on most BBC Wales programmes. So far, it has mostly been specifically credited on Doctor Who and Torchwood, but it has also been credited within the Merlin franchise, inasmuch as it can be found in the end credits of the related documentary program, Merlin: Secrets and Magic.

It has been credited on every Doctor Who episode since The Christmas Invasion, and occasionally throughout the runs of Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures, but BBC Wales Graphics likely have provided graphics on more episodes than those for which they actually received credit.

In 2014, BBC Wales Graphics provided the title sequence for Peter Capaldi's era, based on Billy Hanshaw's fan-made sequence.

Russell T Davies once specified the work of BBC Wales Graphics:

You know who never gets any credit is actually BBC Wales Graphics, cause The Mill does all our digital stuff, but computer stuff — stuff that appears on computer screens — is BBC Wales Graphics, and I think they do a lovely job.RTD on the DVD commentary to The Satan Pit

He went to have a conversation with Peter McKinstry in which they both agreed that Graphics' workload on Torchwood was generally more intense than what obtained on Doctor Who. Nevertheless, BBC Wales Graphics were not credited nearly so consistently on Torchwood as on Doctor Who.

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