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Babe Roth was the engineer of the cargo freighter the Spacehog in the New Earth System.

Originally, her husband Ben was the Spacehog's engineer. When Ben died in a freak accident, Babe was left with their son Filbert and their daughter to raise, and half of the Spacehog. She helped fight off attacking Werelox in the ship's engineering deck.

When the Fourth Doctor went to the Dalek battlecraft, Joe intended to ram the ship with the Spacehog, which was lined with explosives, as he did not believe the Doctor had much of a chance to stop the Daleks. Babe said goodbye to her kids, but Joe threw Babe into the life pod so she could still look after her kids while there was still time for her to escape. When the Doctor froze the battlecraft in time and space forever before Joe could do this, Joe picked up the life pod. (COMIC: Doctor Who and the Dogs of Doom)