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Back to the Sun (comic story)

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Back to the Sun
Doctor: Third Doctor
Key crew
Publisher: Polystyle
Writer: Dennis Hooper
Artist: Gerry Haylock
Release details
Printed in: TV Action 116-119
Release date: 5 May - 26 May 1973
Reprinted in: DWCC 24
Format: Comic - 4 parts (8 pages)
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TVA comic stories
The Threat from Beneath The Labyrinth
Back to the Sun marked the return of the Third Doctor to TV Action after a three-issue, one-month absence — one of the longest gaps in the pre-Marvel era in Doctor Who comic strip history.

Summary Edit

The Third Doctor investigates Station 40, a new energy complex in Wales, and discovers that its director, Sir Nigel Lomax, is in the thrall of an alien life-form.

Characters Edit

References Edit

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Notes Edit

  • Thanks to Jean-Marc Lofficier's The Terrestrial Index and John Ainsworth's echo of it in DWCC #3, it became fashionable to represent the title as kcaB to the Sun. However, as can be seen in the image at right, the word "Back" is actually mirror written, not reverse-ordered. Thus, although frequently styled as kcaB to the Sun, it is more accurate to think of the name of the story as Back to the Sun, and to note the artistic license taken by the letterer in both the original printing and the reprinting in DWCC 24.

Continuity Edit

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