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Badminton was a sport on Earth.

Charley Pollard regarded her younger sister Cecelia Pollard's badminton group as the most ghastly people whom she had ever met. (AUDIO: The Viyran Solution)

James Abel and Dr Mike Thomson played badminton together every week. (PROSE: The Sleep of Reason)

In 2010, Haresh Chandra left Gita's BURPSS meeting to go play badminton. (TV: The Vault of Secrets)

In 2011, Colin Maloney wished that he could go play badminton at his club immediately after incinerating Dr Vera Juarez. When Esther Drummond came into his office trying to figure out why he was behaving strangely, he asked if she played the game. She said that she did not. (TV: The Middle Men)

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