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We don't know the name of this thing.

But we do know where it came from. So we're using that to title the page logically. If you know a better, more precise name, tell us.

Moxx of Balhoon closeup
Biological type: Small humanoid with an enlarged cranium
Affiliated with: Jolco and Jolco
Place of origin: Balhoon
Notable individuals: Moxx of Balhoon
Elth of Balhoon
Appearances: TV: The End of the World, COMIC: Growing Terror / Hyperstar Rising / Death Race Five Billion / The Macrobe Menace / The Hunt of Doom / Reunion of Fear, COMIC: Escape to Penhaxico, COMIC: Who Ate All the Biscuits

Balhoonians were the native species on the planet Balhoon. In appearance, Balhoonians had razor-sharp teeth, blue skin, a high-pitched voice, short snouts. Balhoonians could also sweat dangerous glaxic acid if their body fluids are not renewed. (TV: The End of the World)

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