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Banana Boat was Rhys Williams' best man at his wedding to Gwen Cooper in 2009.

Banana met with Rhys the day that Gwen found out about Torchwood to let him know that he would be away the following summer. As he would later tell Gwen, they had a cup of tea together. Banana had apparently read "this thing about diabetes." (TV: Everything Changes)

Before the wedding, he was arrested in Lanzarote. Ianto had to lie to the Spanish police to get him released. (TV: A Day in the Death, PROSE: Pack Animals)

He was imprisoned by the Nostrovite when she wanted him for her tea. Toshiko Sato saved him when they were both imprisoned. Banana Boat fancied Toshiko. (TV: Something Borrowed)

When Rhys' mind was returned by the Evolved, he thought his experience was due to Banana Boat having incorrectly mixed their drinks. (AUDIO: Forgotten Lives)