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Mr Bartle was the managing director of the Ood Sphere during the early 42nd century. He considered Klineman Halpen to be an "idiot" who was selling the Ood for 50 credits and "bleeding [us] dry".

He had been managing the Ood Sphere for some time before the Ood red-eye took control of the Ood. Bartle ordered his personal Ood to get him some files, but the Ood became infected with the red-eye and he deliberately gave Bartle the wrong files. When Bartle asks again for the correct files, the Ood said that the files are irrelevant. When Bartle asked why, the Ood killed Bartle by electrocuting him with its translation sphere. The Ood proclaims "Have a nice day!" while killing Bartle. Ood Operations security watched his death on CCTV. The Ood was shot and killed by guards. (TV: Planet of the Ood)