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Floating basketball

A test subject at the Pharos Institute telekinetically levitates a basketball. (TV: The Lost Boy)

Basketball was a sport from Earth, played by throwing an inflated ball (also called a basketball) through a net.

In 1978, the Harlem Globetrotters taught the Doctor how to spin a basketball on his finger. (PROSE: Dark Horizons)

In 1986, Sherman used a basketball to in his model to represent time travel. (AUDIO: The Way Forwards)

The Torchwood Three crew had a Torchwood-branded basketball net installed in the Hub and occasionally played basketball to unwind, as well as determine who would pay for drinks. Even Myfanwy got involved in the game. (TV: Cyberwoman)

The Pharos Institute experimented with having a test subject move a basketball telekinetically, with the aid of the MITRE headset. (TV: The Lost Boy)

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