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Battle of Battersea Power Station

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The Battle of Battersea Power Station was a major battle between the Cybermen of Pete's World and the resistance group known as the Preachers as well as the Tenth Doctor and his companions.

History Edit

Origins Edit

In the parallel universe known as Pete's World, John Lumic became obsessed with immortality and thus began creating the Cybermen with the plan to eventually transform himself into one. A small resistance group known as the Preachers led by Ricky Smith rose up to combat him and his efforts while Pete Tyler acted as a loyal friend to Lumic but in reality recognised his insanity and sent information to the Preachers under the alias Gemini, believing them to be security forces. In order to create more Cybermen, Lumic would trick homeless people desperate for food into getting into lorries and then kidnap them to be Cyber-converted as they wouldn't be missed. to be added

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