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Beatrice Mapp was a romance novelist who the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa met in London in 1868 during the period that the TARDIS was temporarily hijacked by Thomas Brewster.

She travelled with them in time to prehistoric Earth through the use of a kind of "séance" involving Block Transfer Computation. There, Mapp was harassed by sentient scorpions under Adric's control, and during the adventure she became engaged to Rupert Von Thal. She would have been stuck in that time, almost certainly to be devoured by the scorpions, but her new fiancé sacrificed himself on her behalf.

Safely returned to Victorian London, she proposed to honour Von Thal's memory by travelling broadly. She felt it would help give her writings more verisimilitude.

Mapp was reasonably wealthy, as she had servants, but it was unclear whether she was a member of the aristocracy. In her large Bloomsbury house, the 500-year-old Adric winked out of existence for the last time. (AUDIO: The Boy That Time Forgot)