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Beep and Friends was a television show created by Beep the Meep to control the people of Earth. It featured animatronic Meeps singing songs about the destruction of Beep's enemies. It was set to air after Audience Shares, the most watched program in the nation. At 8:00, a subliminal signal would be set out, making the viewers susceptible to Beep's control. When Beep and Friends aired at 8:05, it would command the viewers to kill anyone who wasn't affected by the show.

The Sixth Doctor claimed he had disabled the subliminal signal in Audience Shares. Beep was so enraged he abandoned his plans, attacked the contestants and tried to escape. In truth, the signal was undamaged, but when people saw Beep's attack, the show was disrupted and Beep and Friends was prevented from airing. (AUDIO: The Ratings War)

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