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Lucifer system.jpg
Type: Moon
Location: Lucifer system
Appearance: Lucifer Rising
Belial was a moon that orbited the gas giant Lucifer, two hundred and eight lightyears away from Earth. Project Eden located their main base there in 2152.

It was in geosynchronous orbit with Moloch, connected by a single trisilicate fiber called the Bridge. A toroidal space elevator called the Lift moved along the Bridge with the fluctuations of Lucifer's magnetic field to generate power. The Pit passed straight through the center, with Eden's Belial Base on one side and the Bridge terminus on the other. A path spiraled around the Pit, and when someone slid down it, they were somehow turned around at the center of the moon. Branching off the Pit were hundreds of tunnels filled with strange artifacts and machinery. In the center was the Mushroom Farm, housing the controls for the system. The two moons worked together to modify morphic fields. This technology was constructed by the Angels millions of years before the humans arrived.

In 2157, the Angels sealed off the system, including Belial. (PROSE: Lucifer Rising)

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