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Foster as he appeared on Torchwood Declassified

Ben Foster was the composer for most of the episodes of the BBC Wales version of Torchwood. However, he is perhaps more prominent as the conductor and orchestrator of Murray Gold's compositions for Doctor Who. In this capacity he has been highly visible on every BBC Music Doctor Who co-production, such as the Doctor Who at the Proms events.

Foster began his Doctor Who conducting and orchestrating roles in 2006 when Murray Gold decided it would be ideal to write music at a full orchestral level to suit for the show's growing popularity and need for a melodic style. Foster was assigned to orchestrate for, and conduct the BBC National Orchestra of Wales.

He appeared as himself in the 2008 Doctor Who at the Proms during the live showing of Music of the Spheres.

Ben Foster is married to Nina Foster, a violinist from the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. She is also credited in the Series 1 and 2 Soundtrack.

Foster departed from his Doctor Who conductor and orchestrating roles in 2015. The reasons for Foster's departure are unknown, but he has since been replaced by Alastair King.

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