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Ben Hodgson was a member of the expedition led by Lord Barset's expedition on Fortitude to find out what happened to the expedition led by Barset's grandfather.

In 2012, the team discovered the police box-shaped TARDIS beneath the ice. They began awakening the Ice Warriors trapped under the ice, led by Lord Arakssor. After the Doctor realised the trouble everyone was in for awakening the Ice Warrior war criminals, the Doctor, Ben, Professor Kelvin McIntyre and Genevieve Marceau escaped in Aristo One.

When Aristo's battery began running low, the four were forced to abandon the vehicle and travel on foot. They tried calling The Fortitude with little success until Arakssor shut off Geldar's distress signal. When rescue arrived, Geni tried waking Mac, but was unable to. After their rescue, Ben waited on The Fortitude while the Doctor and Geni left for the dig site on Blade One. When an Ice Warrior commander attacked the Ice Warrior's prison, Ben assumed the Doctor and Geni had perished with the rogue Ice Warriors. However, they successfully escaped in the TARDIS and Geni was returned to safety several days later. (AUDIO: Frozen Time)