Beneath the Viscoid was the first story in the audio anthology Only the Good, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Nicholas Briggs and featured Derek Jacobi as the Master.

This was the first audio story to feature Jacobi as the Master, his first time reprising the role in a full cast story since appearing in TV: Utopia in 2007.

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On the ocean planet Gardezza, deep beneath the Viscoid, a mysterious capsule is recovered from the Time War, and an equally mysterious stranger found within. The Doctor's reputation precedes him, even here… but can he be trusted?

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  • The Doctor visited Gardezza before the Time War.

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  • This was the audio debut for Derek Jacobi as the Master. His first line in the audio was: "Of all the worlds in the cosmos, of all the retched backwaters and stinking bolt holes where we might have found you, the planet Gardezza, not one spot of dry land. Just an unending, thick soup of a foul-smelling ocean they call the Viscoid."

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