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Bernadette Franklin (born 2075) was the lover and live-in companion of Sewa Singh. They lived on the Moon in 2094. Like many people of her time, she had an implant that could give her information on various topics.

When UN officers were due to arrive at their home to take Sewa back to Earth for trial, Bernadette thought that being hospitable to them would act in Sewa's favour. She prepared a meal for them. Sewa left the house for a walk on the surface, and the Eighth Doctor and Fitz Kreiner arrived, posing as the UN officers.

During the meal, Bernadette talked with the men, hoping to plead Sewa's case. However, unknown to Bernadette, the Doctor and Fitz were there to distract her attention long enough for Sewa to run out of air on the lunar surface and die. (PROSE: Growing Higher)