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Best of the Companions
Subject: Opinions about companions
Originally broadcast on: BBCA
Broadcast with: Let's Kill Hitler
Original release date: 20 August 2011
Runtime: approx. 44'
Key crew
Interviewees: Scott Adsit, Hugh Douglas, Chris Hardwick, Danielle Harris, Alison Haislip, Scott Ian, Natalie Morales, Eugene Mirman, Amanda Palmer, Adam Rogers, Mark Sheppard Paul F. Tompkins, Reggie Watts
Executive producer: Michael Davies
Producers: David Tuohy (series producer), Craig Jenest, Ben Gruber
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Best of the Monsters
Best of the Companions was an Embassy Row production that aired as one of a trio of "punditry segments" on BBC America in August 2011. It aired in the run-up to the premiere of Let's Kill Hitler, ostensibly to offer North American viewers a "memory jog" prior to recommencement of series 6.

Like all episodes of this series, it was notable for featuring exclusively North American celebrities opining about various aspects of the Matt Smith era of Doctor Who.

The show also aired on Space in Canada during the same week as the US broadcast. On BBCA, it aired immediately after the premiere of Let's Kill Hitler.

Main subject Edit

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Additional topics covered Edit

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People interviewed Edit

Unusually, the only person even remotely connected to the production of Doctor Who was Mark Sheppard, BBCA's continuity announcer for Doctor Who. The "hook" of this documentary, like the others in this series, was the fact that the interviewees were all Doctor Who fans who were professional entertainers with some degree of success in the American market.

Home video releases Edit

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