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You may be looking for the Dalek named Beta.

Beta was a Gond scientist who lived under the enslaving regime of the Krotons.

Beta and Jamie attacked the Kroton ship's exterior with sulphuric acid, while the Second Doctor and Zoe applied acid to the ship's interior. This action was the proximate cause of the successful end of the rebellion.

Prior to deciding to assist the TARDIS crew, and by extension Thara, he had been heavily courted by Eelek, who was angling for post-Kroton, post-Selris power in a free Gond society. Consequently, Beta's fortunes likely rose in the aftermath of the rebellion, once Thara had become leader of the Gonds.

Beta's attire was notably different than other Gonds, in that he had white bands around the sleeves, waist, and calves. Most Gonds had dark bands. (TV: The Krotons)

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