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Beth was a maid at the Imperial Club in London in 1924.

She went into service five years prior when she was fourteen because her mother needed the money. Her first position was at Lord and Lady Hutchinson's. She sent half of her weekly pay to help feed her two younger brothers and her sister.

The Ninth Doctor sent her to Rose's room at the Imperial Club. She explained to Rose about all the attacks on servants she had heard about and how they had been asked questions by a mysterious figure.

Melissa Heart used her Clockwork Mechanicals to interrogate Beth about the comings and goings inside the Imperial Club. Due to Beth's continued refusal to spy on Melissa's behalf, the Mechanicals killed her. Early next morning, Shade Vassily found Beth dead near some dustbins, just outside the Club.

Melissa used the information obtained from Beth to organise a break-in into the Imperial Club. (PROSE: The Clockwise Man)

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