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Beyond the Sun is the third Virgin Bernice Summerfield New Adventures novel. It features Bernice Summerfield and Jason Kane who had not been featured together in a novel since Eternity Weeps when they were divorced.

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"You're on your own, Bernice."

Bernice Summerfield has drawn the short straw. Not for her the pleasures of intergalactic conferences and highbrow lecture tours. Oh no. She's forced to take two overlooked freshers on their very first dig. And just when it seems things can't get any worse, her no-good ex-husband Jason turns up, claiming that he is in deadly danger. Benny finally begins to believe his wild claims, but unfortunately only after he has been kidnapped from his hotel room.

Feeling guilty, she sets out to rescue him. Well, let's face it, no one else is going to. Her only clue is a dusty artefact that Jason claimed was part of an ancient and powerful weapon. But Professor Summerfield PhD knows that's just silly nonsense. She's been an archaeologist long enough to know that lost alien civilisations do not leave their most powerful weapons around for any nutter to find. Do they?

Once again Benny is all that stands between Jason and his own mistakes, as she tries to prevent the wrong people acquiring this terrible and somewhat unlikely weapon — a weapon rumoured to have powers beyond the sun.

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  • Benny adapts a saying of the Doctor's: "Bernice Summerfield is a human being. And as such she is all too capable of being cruel and cowardly. And yet, while she is often caught up in violent events, she endeavours to remain a woman of peace."
  • Jason met Iranda on Denaria 7.

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  • The Sunless are ashen-skinned humanoids with gaunt faces and dull grey eyes.
  • Vilmurians are crocodilians with sharp yellow teeth and long snouts.
  • Jeillos are humanoids with indigo skin.
  • The Apolloxians are small grey-speckled reptilian creatures with three fingered hands and snouts.

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