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Type: Vehicle
Place of origin: Earth
First seen in: Planet of Giants
Bicycles were a common means of transport for humans on Earth from the 20th century onwards.

Uses of bicycles Edit

The Second Doctor used a tandem bicycle along with a pedal-driven helicopter rotor to invent the pedal-copter. (COMIC: Attack of the Daleks)

Whizz Kid used a BMX bike to make his way to the Psychic Circus on Segonax. (TV: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy)

Rudy Zoom claimed he was "the first man to cycle the rings of Saturn". (COMIC: The Eye of Torment)

20th century Edit

In 1913, Martha Jones and Jenny both rode bicycles. (TV: Human Nature)

On 8 December 1926, the Reverend Arnold Golightly arrived at Eddison Manor on a bicycle. (TV: The Unicorn and the Wasp)

On 25 December 1938, Madge Arwell was cycling past a field when the Eleventh Doctor fell from a sub-orbital spaceship. (TV: The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe)

In 1964, Forester drove a big American car, which caused PC Bert Rowse to swerve his bicycle straight into a muddy ditch. (PROSE: Planet of Giants)

In the 1970s, Pigbin Josh, a homeless tramp, used a worn down bicycle to travel around. He accidentally rode over a thin patch of ice and crashed through. He recovered and found an Axos ship that had landed on Earth. The Axos captured and probed him, draining out his life. (TV: The Claws of Axos)

The Fifth Doctor was flung into a duck pond in Stockbridge when Jane Potter ran into him on her bicycle on her way to school. (AUDIO: The Eternal Summer)

In 1976, Peter Hutchings met his future wife Emily West in Greenwich Park when he accidentally ran into her, distracted by Ace's jacket. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Revelation)

In 1978, Professor Rumford came to the Doctor's aid while cycling at night. (TV: The Stones of Blood)

In 1981, Adric used a murdered policeman's bicycle to create a distraction to allow the Fourth Doctor to escape arrest. (TV: Logopolis)

Although Turlough lived in England for some time during the 1980s, he did not know how to ride a bicycle. (AUDIO: Equilibrium)

The Ninth Doctor visited Earth in 1998 to get Rose Tyler a red bicycle for Christmas when she was twelve. (PROSE: The Red Bicycle, TV: The Doctor Dances)

21st century Edit

A blond man decided to travel to work by bicycle after an encounter with the Tenth Doctor. (COMIC: Bus Stop)

The tyre of Louie Rollins' bicycle was punctured on his way home from school the day after a Hallowe'en party. (PROSE: The Night After Hallowe'en)

The Tenth Doctor suggested that Bowie Base One should have taken fold-away bikes with them for ease of transport. Although at first reluctant, Adelaide Brooke agreed with him while running from the Flood. (TV: The Waters of Mars)

26th century Edit

In 2589, Headhunter fell off of a bicycle on Phobos. (AUDIO: Phobos)

In 2595, Bernice Summerfield lent her bicycle to the artist Menlove Stokes, on condition that he wouldn't use it for art. (PROSE: Dry Pilgrimage)

33rd century Edit

In 3295, bicycles were used on Starship UK. (TV: The Beast Below)

Uses of bicycle components Edit

The helmic regulator in the Tenth Doctor's TARDIS appeared in the form of a bicycle pump. (TV: Smith and Jones)

Other references Edit

Iris Wildthyme had a tattoo of a bumblebee riding a bicycle. (AUDIO: Iris Rides Out)

Alan Turing was unsteady on a bicycle. (PROSE: The Turing Test)

Zoe Heriot wanted to buy a bicycle at the Frenko Bazaar in order to ride it inside the TARDIS. (COMIC: Bazaar Adventures)

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