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Bernice Summerfield (series): no company besides Big Finish has ever released a series called "Bernice Summerfield", so there's no reason this shouldn't match the format of Iris Wildthyme (series), Faction Paradox (series), etc.

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Bernice Summerfield was the first series produced by Big Finish Productions, combining both audio and prose releases in an ongoing narrative, with the titular character portrayed by Lisa Bowerman.

The series began in 1998 with audio adaptations of six Virgin New Adventures novels. After this first season's success, Big Finish began producing audio stories and prose stories simultaneously. These were initially released alternately so that both the audio and the prose made up one continuous series, with some of the wider arc stories only being featured and explained in detail in one medium. For example, Bernice's pregnancy began and ended in the novels The Gods of the Underworld and The Glass Prison, but the audio stories made several minor references to her pregnancy. However, this practice ceased after the third series.

Many characters created or established in the Virgin New Adventures, such as Jason Kane and Irving Braxiatel, made major appearances in this series. Most of the stories cover Bernice's life following her departure from travelling with the Doctor. However, several prose releases have featured stories that portrayed Bernice's life long before she met the Doctor.

The series concluded in 2013, but it was relaunched the next year as The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield.

Stories Edit

Set # Title Author Medium Published
Season 1 1 Oh No It Isn't! Audio September 1998
Season 1 2 Beyond the Sun Matt Jones Audio September 1998
Season 1 3 Walking to Babylon Audio November 1998
Season 1 4 Birthright Audio February 1999
Season 1 5 Just War Audio August 1999
Buried Treasures 1 Making Myths Jacqueline Rayner Audio August 1999
Buried Treasures 2 Closure Paul Cornell Audio August 1999
Season 1 6 Dragons' Wrath Audio September 2000
Anthologies 1 The Dead Men Diaries Various Prose anthology September 2000
Novels 1 The Doomsday Manuscript Justin Richards Novel November 2000
Season 2 1 The Secret of Cassandra David Bailey Audio December 2000
Novels 2 The Gods of the Underworld Stephen Cole Novel February 2001
Novels 3 The Squire's Crystal Jacqueline Rayner Novel April 2001
Season 2 2 The Stone's Lament Mike Tucker Audio May 2001
Season 2 3 The Extinction Event Lance Parkin Audio July 2001
Novels 4 The Infernal Nexus Dave Stone Novel August 2001
Season 2 4 The Skymines of Karthos David Bailey Audio September 2001
Novels 5 The Glass Prison Jacqueline Rayner Novel January 2002
Season 3 1 The Greatest Shop in the Galaxy Paul Ebbs Audio February 2002
Season 3 2 The Green-Eyed Monsters Dave Stone Audio June 2002
Anthologies 2 A Life of Surprises Various Prose anthology October 2002
Season 3 3 The Dance of the Dead Stephen Cole Audio October 2002
Season 3 4 The Mirror Effect Stewart Sheargold Audio March 2003

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These releases intertwined with the second series of audio dramas, forming part of the ongoing narrative.

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