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Billy Wilkins was a young football fan in England in 1977. After attending a match between Delchester United and Stockton, he met the Eighth Doctor on the bus ride home. Billy told him how Delchester had began performing poorly after Milo and Frank Shakespeare had bought the club, then witnessed two Morgs attacking the bus. Because he wanted more excitement and there was nothing good on television that night, he broke into the stadium to help the Doctor and Ray Stobbs investigate. Billy was taken into space when the Nukaryote was flown to the Morg fathership. There he helped defeat the Morg and free their slaves. Six months later, he was watching the much-improved Delchester team play when the Doctor returned and offered him a ride in the TARDIS, but Billy was too caught up in the game to notice. (COMIC: Doctor Who and the Nightmare Game)

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