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The black rhinoceros — formally known as Diceros bicornis michaeli — was an aggressive rhinoceros native to Africa. It had two curving horns which were believed to have medicinal properties. Black rhinoceroses were wiped out in 2051 by poachers for their horns.

The black rhinoceros was worth 300 points in the I-Spyder Book of Earth Creatures. The last one was kept in the Museum of the Last Ones. However, the last rhino was stolen by Frank to sell the horn for making medicine. He removed the horn carefully and the rhino survived the procedure. Nevertheless, Frank's theft was at first a mystery that required the Tenth Doctor and Martha's investigative skills to solve. Lamenting the temporary theft of the rhino, Tommy explained to the time travellers that the beast had died out because humans wrongly thought that black rhino horn had curative properties. When they found the last one, it knocked Frank over, saving their lives. (PROSE: The Last Dodo)

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