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Blood of the Daleks was the first of Big Finish Productions' Eighth Doctor Adventures audio stories. Co-produced with BBC 7, this was the first Doctor Who audio story to debut on radio since The Ghosts of N-Space in 1996. Broadcast and released in two parts, it featured the Eighth Doctor played by Paul McGann and introduced Sheridan Smith as Lucie Miller. This story takes place after the final story featuring Charlotte Pollard with the Eighth Doctor, namely The Girl Who Never Was.

Publisher's summary Edit

Part one Edit

"People of Red Rocket Rising, my fellow citizens. Our long night is over. I've been contacted by a benevolent people. They too have known great trials, but they have overcome them and made it their mission to help others do the same. They have offered us refuge, and passage to the nearest human worlds. They have the resources, and the patience and compassion, to evacuate every one of us. My fellow citizens, my friends, rescue is at hand!"

Part two Edit

"The crashed ship. The one Tom Cardwell saw all those years ago. And you borrowed its technology, didn't you? Maybe even found a Dalek or two in the wreckage. Dead, but intact. And you began to turn human beings into creatures like them. You did that? I'm right, arent I?"

Plot Edit

Part 1 Edit

To the Eighth Doctor's puzzlement and consternation, Lucie Miller appears in the TARDIS; he attempts to return her to the north of England in 2006, but finds that a temporal shield prevents him from landing there. Instead, the two find themselves on the human colony world Red Rocket Rising, which has suffered an asteroid strike. The survivors include the colony's acting president, Eileen Klint, disgraced scientist Asha Gryvern and the apparently paranoid Tom Cardwell. Klint receives a message from a Dalek fleet offering rescue to the colony's citizens, and accepts the offer, believing the Daleks to be benevolent. Lucie reveals that the Time Lords have placed her in the Doctor's care because of something she'd seen, although she doesn't know what it is. Asha, apparently the assistant to one Professor Martez, is in reality Martez himself, who had combined dead and living humans with technology salvaged from a crashed Dalek ship in an effort to ensure survival; Martez has created a new race of Daleks. When the true Daleks land, they welcome the survivors onto their ship, and demand that Klint turn the Doctor over to them. Meanwhile, Martez orders his Daleks to open fire on the Doctor.

Part 2 Edit

The Doctor tricks Martez's Daleks and escapes. Martez has summoned the Daleks for assistance with his own Dalek creations, but the true Daleks see Martez's Daleks as a threat to the purity of the Dalek race, and plan to destroy them. The Doctor allies himself temporarily with the true Daleks in order to destroy Martez's Daleks, but then works with Tom Cardwell to eliminate both Dalek groups. The Daleks reveal that they caused the asteroid strike on Red Rocket Rising, in a failed attempt to eliminate Martez's creations; they also destroyed the exodus ships carrying refugees from the disaster. Martez's Daleks, which are being birthed at a rapid rate, initially have an advantage over the true Daleks, who are weakened from another conflict. The Doctor eventually convinces Martez that a Dalek-dominated world will know only hatred, war and death. Martez, whose stolen body is breaking down, halts the birthing process; in return, his creations kill him. Eventually, the two groups of Daleks (aided by Cardwell's resistance) destroy each other. The humans are left to pick up the pieces, and Klint announces that a new offer of rescue has been received from the inhabitants of a planet whose name begins "Tel-".

Lucie considers staying with the survivors on Red Rocket Rising, but the Doctor discovers that the Time Lords will not let him leave the planet without her. And elsewhere, a woman calling herself the Headhunter accepts a commission from one Mr Hulbert, promising him that she will find Lucie Miller anywhere in space and time...

Cast Edit

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Daleks Edit

The Doctor Edit

  • Lucie describes the Doctor as "that bloke dressed like Casanova".

Time Lords Edit

Cybermen Edit

  • After the Daleks wipe each other out, Klint announces that a race similar to humans from a planet with a name beginning with 'Tel' are sending ships to aid the human survivors.

Davros Edit

  • The Doctor tells Martez that he knows from experience that the Daleks will kill Martez when he has outlived his usefulness.

Locations Edit

  • The Doctor attempts to drop Lucie off in Preston.
  • Lucie says that she's used to going clubbing in Blackpool.

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Continuity Edit

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