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Blue Forgotten Planet was the one hundred and twenty-sixth monthly Doctor Who audio story produced by Big Finish Productions. Released in September 2009, it was the final audio story in Big Finish's monthly Doctor Who range to feature Charlotte Pollard.

Publisher's summary Edit

"So, this is the blue planet you've forgotten about. But take another look. You helped us once. I know you can help us again."

On Earth, civilisation has ended and time is running out for the Doctor and Charlotte Pollard.

Will the mysterious Viyrans really help?

Without you, the human race will die out. And Planet Earth will surely be our tomb.

Plot Edit

to be added

BlueForgottenPlanet Preview

Illustrated preview from DWM 413. Illustration by Brian Williamson.

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  • The Doctor uses his TARDIS to shift time backwards over the Earth, removing the virus from Earth.

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