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The Boeshane Peninsula was located on one of Earth's colony worlds by the 51st century.

History Edit

In the 51st century, the Time Agent later known as Jack Harkness was a child on the Boeshane Peninsula where he lived with his mother, his father and his brother Gray. (TV: Adam). He was nicknamed the "Face of Boe", as part of the publicity campaign surrounding a recruitment drive, acclaimed as the first Time Agent from the Peninsula and for his good looks. (TV: Last of the Time Lords)

The Peninsula, located on one of Earth's colony worlds (PROSE: The Twilight Streets), was mostly grassy sand dunes and beaches. The inhabitants lived in a large building cluster at the edge. However, their peaceful lives were shattered forever when creatures described only as the "most horrible creatures imaginable" descended upon the Peninsula and killed many of its inhabitants, including Franklin, while the remainder fled. Among the survivors were Jack Harkness and his mother. (TV: Adam) Jack was told by his father to save Gray, but Jack let go of his hand for a second and lost him. But Gray survived this and grew to hate his brother. He eventually attempted to kill Jack, who was then part of Torchwood Three. (TV: Exit Wounds)

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