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Boeshane Peninsula

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Boeshane Peninsula
Type: Region of an unnamed colony world
Natives: Humans
Appearance: Adam
Memorable moment
The memory stealer pt 1 - Torchwood - BBC03:01

The memory stealer pt 1 - Torchwood - BBC

The Boeshane Peninsula was located on one of Earth's colony worlds by the 51st century.


In the 51st century, the Time Agent later known as Jack Harkness was a child on the Boeshane Peninsula where he lived with his mother, his father and his brother Gray. (TV: Adam). He was nicknamed the "Face of Boe", as part of the publicity campaign surrounding a recruitment drive, acclaimed as the first Time Agent from the Peninsula and for his good looks. (TV: Last of the Time Lords)

The Peninsula, located on one of Earth's colony worlds (PROSE: The Twilight Streets), was mostly grassy sand dunes and beaches. The inhabitants lived in a large building cluster at the edge. Most of the inhabitants were killed when the "most horrible creatures imaginable" invaded. Among the few survivors were Jack Harkness and his mother. (TV: Adam) Jack was told by his father to save Gray, but Jack let go of his hand for a second and lost him. But Gray survived this and grew to hate his brother. He eventually attempted to kill Jack, who was then part of Torchwood Three. (TV: Exit Wounds)

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