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Bolt gun
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Type: Weapon
Appearances: TV: The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit, TV: Random Shoes

A bolt gun was a powerful handheld firearm. It was at some point located in two Torchwood bases: the Torchwood Three hub and Sanctuary Base 6.

In 2008, Jack Harkness and Toshiko Sato tried to fix one of the bolt guns. (TV: Random Shoes)

In the 42nd century, the gun was still around and was used for emergencies. Zachary Cross Flane used it when Sanctuary Base 6 on Krop Tor was attacked by the Ood. While leaving Krop Tor in a spacecraft, Rose Tyler used the same gun to shoot out the vessel's window, causing a possessed Toby Zed to be blown out into space. (TV: The Satan Pit)

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