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For the titular book, see Border Princes (novel).

The Border Princes, much like Torchwood, was an organisation which studied the Rift and contained the things that came through it.

Members Edit

The organisation of the Border Princes is not entirely known, but it is known that the positions are hereditary, with offspring learning to take the jobs of their parents. As well, there were at least 4 positions.

Lord of the Border Edit

The Lord of the Border was the leader of the Border Princes and had complete control. (PROSE: Border Princes)

First Seniors Edit

The First Seniors were important members of the Border Princes. (PROSE: Border Princes)

Guardians Edit

The Guardians were specially chosen First Seniors, modified so that they could defend the Principal. They had enhanced senses, speed and reflexes, regenerative abilities, a mental connection with the Principal, telekinetic attacks, enough strength to break concrete or turn carbon to diamonds with their bare hands, the ability to become nearly invisible, body modification to create weapons and the ability to modify other's memories. In their true form, they were grey humanoids covered in spines, but they could create the allusion of a human appearance. They were given limited knowledge of their destination, but some (like Mr. Dine) were capable of learning as they went. (PROSE: Border Princes)

Principal Edit

When a heir was training to become a member of the Border Princes, they would be sent on a cultural learning experience, where they would be called the Principal. They would be created a native body, but with hidden abilities for emergencies. Their memories would be modified, so that they believed they always lived there. They also had the ability to modify the mind of everyone in a 100 mile radius, allowing them to fit in even though they had no real history. (PROSE: Border Princes)

History Edit

In 2007, a Principal was sent to Cardiff and was given the name James Mayer. He was led to believe that he was a member of Torchwood, with the team's memories modified to agree with this. Mr. Dine was also sent as a Guardian. He worked there for 6 weeks, during which time Mr Dine was damaged by the Amok and a Serial G robot. Mr. Lowe was sent in to help reinforce him after his injuries.

Though James was supposed to have his memory returned, something went wrong and his memories became garbled, though his abilities were increased without his knowledge. Mr. Dine and Mr. Lowe attempted to return James to the Border Princes, but he didn't recognise them and tried to escape. Though the rest of Torchwood learned the truth, James refused to believe it and continued to fight back until he was killed. At this point, the human body died and his mind was allowed to return. (PROSE: Border Princes)

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