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Bowie Base One was an international base founded on Mars in July 2058. It was built into the Gusev Crater as a research base with a Bio-Dome. The base's shuttle was Apollo 34.

History Edit

The base had a crew of nine humans headed by Captain Adelaide Brooke. The mission was intended to take five years, studying Mars to see if it was suitable for human habitation.

Seventeen months into the mission, the Tenth Doctor arrived on-site. Six of the crew members were infected by the Flood. Captain Brooke initiated Action 5 on 21 November 2059, destroying Bowie Base One in a nuclear explosion. There were only three survivors, plus the Tenth Doctor.

Countries known to be involved in the Bowie Base One mission included the United Kingdom, United States of America, Russia, Germany, Turkey, South Korea, Lithuania, and Australia. The flags of these countries (Lithuania's upside-down) were seen on the wall of the control hub. Mission Control was based in Houston, Texas. (TV: The Waters of Mars)

Crew Edit

Name Role Nationality Status
Adelaide Brooke Captain British Deceased 2059
Edward Gold Second-in-Command Australian Deceased 2059
Tarak Ital MD Doctor Pakistani Deceased 2059
Steffi Ehrlich Senior Technician German Deceased 2059
Margaret Cain Officer British Deceased 2059
Andrew Stone Officer American Deceased 2059
Yuri Kerenski Nurse Russian Alive as of 2059
Roman Groom Junior Techanican American Deceased 2059
Mia Bennett Geologist American Alive as of 2059
Gadget Robot N/A Terminated 2059

Actions Edit

  • Action 1 - Base evacuation, initially ordered by Adelaide Brooke after the infection was detected
  • Action 5 - The Captain would arm, and detonate, a nuclear device, destroying the base.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • It was most likely named after David Bowie as a reference to his song "Life on Mars".
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