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Gwen's ball hurls towards the pins. (TV: Day One)

Ten bowling pins, or skittles, (PROSE: The Eight Doctors) were at the end of the lane of a bowling alley, and were the focus of the game of bowling. The goal of the sport was to knock as many of them down as possible with a ball.

When Gwen Cooper went bowling with her boyfriend Rhys Williams, she at first only hit two, but soon managed to get all ten. Rhys, by comparison, managed to get all but three. He was shocked at her skill. (TV: Day One)

A man violently demanding to see Dying in the Sun again was described as having "[thrown] another one that sent his opponent flying backwards, knocking over several customers like bowling pins." (PROSE: Dying in the Sun) When Scrapper Dogg ran over trash cans, they "scattered like bowling pins". (PROSE: The Crooked World)

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