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Leading Telegraphist Bowman was a Royal Navy officer under Captain John Hart who worked at the HMS Seaspite naval research centre.

He tried contacting the missing submarine, but was unable to. He later saw it heading towards the beach by the Fortress Island castle, and later received a message from a search vessel that said it was heading towards the sea-fort. He sent out Parliamentary Private Secretary Walker's order to fire and later cease fire on the Sea Devils' underwater base. Bowman informed Captain Hart of Sea Devil bodies and debris coming to the water's surface, following the attack. When Walker tried getting permission for a nuclear strike on the base, Bowman sent for a high-speed hovercraft to perform a sweep of the area to see if the Third Doctor escaped the base, before the nuclear strike was carried out. The nuclear strike was unneeded, as Bowman reported a "large underwater explosion" from the base before the order was carried out. (TV: The Sea Devils)