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Craig leans against a rack of bras. (TV: Closing Time)

A bra was an item of clothing designed to support a woman's breasts. Along with women's underwear, bras were sold in a "ladieswear" section in shops. Craig Owens questioned Kelly about a "metal rat" in the ladieswear section, leaning on a rack of bras. (TV: Closing Time)

Sally Morgan kept sports bras in her room in the Black TARDIS, which she used as proof that it was definitely her room and not Hex's. (AUDIO: Black and White)

In 2007, an edition of the magazine Peach featured celebrity children's television presenter Sadie, wearing only a bra, on the front page. The issue included an article about her "confessing" that "I'm no angel." (TV: Out of Time)

During the meteor strike that hit the Starship Harmony and Redemption, the Twelfth Doctor and River Song fell through a floor. A minute later, a diamond that River had been about to sell also fell. Instead of catching it with her hands, she decided to catch and keep it in her bra. (TV: The Husbands of River Song)

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