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Type: Country
Location: South America, Earth
First seen in: Loups-Garoux
First mentioned in: The Ark
Appearances: PROSE: Companion

Brazil was a South American nation which was part of the Amazon. One of its major cities was Rio de Janeiro. (TV: The Hungry Earth)

Brasília was the capital of Brazil. (AUDIO: The Thirteenth Stone)

Cessair of Diplos adopted the identity of a Brazilian lady called Senhora Câmara. (TV: The Stones of Blood)

A type of nut grew in the area and the portuguese language was spoken there. Indigenous people included Latoni's tribe (TV: Black Orchid) and the Nambikwara of Mato Grosso. (TV: Death of the Doctor) Many of these tribes were displaced following the destruction of the Amazon rainforest in 2060. (AUDIO: Loups-Garoux)

Enola Tucker, interested in her uncle's work, went with him to Brazil. (PROSE: The Glamour Chase) Lady Madge Cranleigh said her son, the botanist George Cranleigh, died in the Brazilian forests in 1923 during an expedition. (TV: Black Orchid)

In the 1962 World Cup quarterfinals, the Brazilian football team defeated England in Chile. (PROSE: The Rag & Bone Man's Story)

In 1983, Jo Jones spent six months in Mato Grosso with the Nambikwara. (PROSE: Death of the Doctor)

In 2080, the Fifth Doctor and Turlough visited Rio de Janeiro for the Rio Carnival and encountered werewolves. (AUDIO: Loups-Garoux)

In December 2672, the Eighth Doctor visited Avelar, Brazil. (PROSE: Companion)

A snake from Brazil was one of the animals on board the Ark in circa 10000000. (TV: The Ark)

Rose Tyler hypothesised that, if she were to arrive in Brazil by TARDIS, she might need her passport. She later admitted that this was a ruse to get Mickey Smith to visit her. (TV: Boom Town)

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