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Break-through! (short story)

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Main character(s): Jeff, Andy and Mary Stone
Main enemy: Daleks
Main setting: Skaro, 2400
Key crew
Publisher: Souvenir Press
Release details
Printed in: The Dalek Book
Release date: 30 June 1964
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Dalek annual -
The Dalek Book
Monsters of Gurnian Battle for the Moon

Break-through! was an illustrated short story in The Dalek Book, a Dalek annual of the 1960s.

Summary Edit

After the Daleks have been driven off the planets in Earth's solar system, Jeff Stone, Mary Stone, and Andy Stone have accompanied the Space Army led by Vel Karneen to the planet Skaro. The Daleks have surrounded their planet with a magnetic field of neutral atoms. All attacks harmlessly bounce off the field. The field has two openings, one over each of Skaro's poles, which the Daleks vigorously defend.

The field does not enclose the entire atmosphere of Skaro, so Jeff Stone realises that the field must have openings to access it. Stone has Karneen direct the Space Army to close off one opening and sends a message to the Daleks threatening to draw off their atmosphere through the other opening. The Daleks surrender and the Space Army prepares to land on Skaro.

Characters Edit

References Edit

  • The Stones' spacecraft is named Revenge.

Notes Edit

to be added

Continuity Edit

  • Skaro is described as having twin suns.
  • Break-through! is the only story dating the events in The Dalek Book. It dates the Dalek invasions to 2400, nine years before the "Age of Universal Peace" which began in 2409.

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