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Brenda Williams was Rhys Williams' mother. She, along with her husband, Barry Williams, attended her son's wedding in 2009.

She didn't really like Gwen Cooper's mother, Mary Cooper and both spent much of their time trading insults and snipes. When they were drugged by Torchwood Three with Retcon, she slept on Mary Cooper, possibly showing a mended relationship, and in contrast to her reluctance to have Gwen as a daughter-in-law, was very happy when they eventually married.

The Nostrovite disguised herself as a copy of Brenda, which briefly resulted in the Torchwood team mistaking her for the alien and Jack Harkness calling her an "ugly bitch" (for which he received a punch to the face from her angry son), but Gwen verified that it was the real Brenda because she wore a distinctive perfume that Gwen found hideous and the Nostrovite was incapable of copying smells. The creature in question was later killed by Jack with a laser cannon. (TV: Something Borrowed)

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