Brendon Public School, or Brendon School for short, was an English school.

In 1983, Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, formerly the commander of the British division of UNIT, was a teacher of A-level mathematics at the school, and Turlough, an undercover Trion exile, was one of the students.

In 1983, Turlough and Ibbotson stole Lethbridge-Stewart's car from the school grounds and crashed it a short distance away. (TV: Mawdryn Undead)

On 1 January 1990, the Brigadier met his illegitimate son Albert Wilson for the first time when he visited him at the school. (PROSE: The Enfolded Time)

Charlie Gibbs was another of Turlough's classmates. However, Turlough did not learn until 2013 that Gibbs was also from Trion and that his family supported the opposing faction in the civil war. (AUDIO: Eldrad Must Die!)

Turlough's other classmates included Peter Smythe, Henry Lucas, Barney Adams and Kenneth Smith. (AUDIO: The Memory Bank)

Turlough enjoyed studying history while at the school. (AUDIO: Phantasmagoria) However, he hated William Shakespeare's works. (AUDIO: The Emerald Tiger)

In his 1996 book Who Killed Kennedy, the journalist James Stevens described it as "a minor public school for boys". (PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy)

Daniel Hinton also at one time attended the school until he was expelled in 1992 for dabbling in black magic; the fourth year dormitory was terrified and Matron's cat received a shock from which it never recovered. Twickers was the school secretary in the 1990s. (PROSE: Downtime)

Behind the scenes Edit

The school scenes for Mawdryn Undead were filmed at Trent Park campus of Middlesex Polytechnic, Cockfosters, Hertfordshire.