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Bringer of Darkness (comic story)

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Bringer of Darkness
Bringer of darkness
Doctor: Second Doctor
Companion(s): Jamie, Victoria
Main enemy: Daleks
Main setting: A forest; England
Key crew
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Editor: Gary Russell
Writer: Warwick Gray
Artist: Martin Geraghty
Letterer: Simon Weston
Release details
Printed in: DWMS Summer 1993
Release date: 1993
Format: BW comic - 7 pages
DWM comic stories
Bringer of Darkness was a Second Doctor comic story first published in Doctor Who Magazine.

Summary Edit

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Notes Edit

  • Beacon is spelled "becon" on pages 2 and 3. The American spelling "Humanized" is used.

References Edit

  • Victoria says her father referred to the Daleks as abominations.
  • The Daleks know of the Doctor as the Ka Faraq Gatri. When Victoria asks the Doctor what it means, he dismisses it as superstition and changes the subject.
  • The Dalek Emperor and the Humanised Daleks are mentioned by the Daleks.
  • The crashed Dalek ship appears to be a Dalek flying saucer. It uses ion-drive thrusters.
  • Victoria compares the laboring Daleks to ants.
  • The Doctor appears to be playing his recorder soon after they land.
  • A Kaled mutant is disgorged from one of the Dalek shells.
  • Victoria refers to the secret war the Doctor and Daleks seem to be waging. She wonders about the lengths the Doctor would go to destroy the Daleks and what price he would pay in doing so, foreshadowing the Last Great Time War.

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