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Brock was a human businessman. He was impersonated by a Foamasi member of West Lodge.

It is not clear whether the real Brock was killed in order for this impersonation to go ahead.

Brock was a tour agent representing the Argolins' Leisure Hive. At one point, the Argolins requested he come to their planet, but Brock refused. Seeing a chance, the Foamasi West Lodge sent one of their own disguised as Brock to Argolis. He tried to get Mena to sell the Hive to the Foamasi, and committed acts of sabotage on the Hive with his partner, Klout. They were eventually exposed and arrested by a Foamasi investigator. He managed to escape from the investigator and attempted to escape. He died when his ship was shot down by Pangol as it tried to leave Argolis. (TV: The Leisure Hive)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • In the novelisation, Brock is given the first name of Augustus.

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