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A broom was a type of cleaning implement, with a brush and a handle. (TV: Deep Breath)

Tosh once stole some corn, a broom and a few other things from the Third Doctor's greenhouse. (PROSE: Morphology)

One time when the Tenth Doctor visited Earth he found it was missing. There was only a white void with a small, old house being defended by Bob Manning with a broom from dragon-like creatures. (COMIC: The House at the End of the World)

The Twelfth Doctor used the idea of the parts of a broom being constantly replaced to explain to the Half-Face Man how it had rebuilt itself so many times it was no longer its original self. (TV: Deep Breath)

During the Twelfth Doctor's imprisonment in the Prison, Clara Oswald borrowed a broom from Danny Pink so that, with the help of Classes 2A and 2B, she could make a placard with the message "FREE THE DOCTOR". (PROSE: The Blood Cell)

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