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Bruhl was the home planet of the Glacians, located beyond the G-star in Ambivalence Five. It was covered in snow and ice, with temperatures below 30 degrees Fahrenheit, and had several moons of various sizes. The alien Zilgors came to Bruhl and helped the Glacians advance their civilisation. Many years after they first arrived, they were trapped in ice by Rraprro, who made himself ruler of his people.

The First Doctor arrived on Bruhl and rescued Grahm, who had been accused of stealing a Zilgor thought-cube. They were both captured by the police and imprisoned, but were freed by Ffreuf, who hoped that the Doctor could help discover how to use the cube. After the Doctor learned from the cube what had happened to the Zilgors, Ffreuf and his rebels set out to rescue them, while Grahm took him back to the TARDIS. (PROSE: Justice of the Glacians)

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