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A burglar was type of thief.

Finney was a burglar who tried to steal the TARDIS from the Third Doctor and use it to break into banks. (COMIC: The Planet of the Daleks)

David Gilligan was a burglar who tried to rob the house of a family at Christmas in 1987, but he was interrupted by the family and the Eighth Doctor. (PROSE: Be Good for Goodness's Sake)

Lady Christina de Souza was a minor British aristocrat, a cat burglar, and a friend of the Tenth (TV: Planet of the Dead) and Eleventh Doctors.[source needed]

Before completely breaking down, the last act of K9 Mark III was immobilising two burglars and calling the police before Sarah Jane Smith got home. (PROSE: A Dog's Life)

Two burglars who broke into Beth Halloran's house triggered her dormant alien personality, causing her to savagely kill them. (TV: Sleeper)

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