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Buried Treasures was a 1999 full-cast audio anthology in the Big Finish Bernice Summerfield series made available as a special subscriber-exclusive release. It featured two stories, Making Myths by Jac Rayner and Closure by Paul Cornell, as well as a behind the scenes interview with Gary Russell and Paul Cornell.

Publisher's summary Edit

Professor Bernice Summerfield: 26th century archaeology professor, and tutor at St Oscar's University on the planet Dellah. Prone to getting involved in adventures, scrapes and general derring-do armed only with her wits, cunning and a flask of brandy! Aged about 35ish, but frequently says she's younger. Odd that...

The Time-Rings: Given to Benny and her ex-husband Jason as wedding rings, they are two extraordinarily powerful devices which, used together, can take them anywhere in time and space. Bernice has now found a reason to use them once again...

Keri the Pakhar: An investigative journalist famous for getting herself into the darkest, most dangerous corners of the galaxy to bring her stories to her audience. Brave, dedicated and frequently putting her own life at risk, she found time to be Maid of Honour at Benny's wedding and how has her own radio show onto which she can invite whosoever she pleases...

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Continuity Edit

  • Ker'a'nol is introduced as Bernice's best friend. However she has only met Bernice a few times before and neither appearance was in the 26th century. The reason for this discrepancy is picked up on in AUDIO: The End of the World.

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