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The Cabal of the Horned Beast was a cult that arose on Earth in the early part of the 20th century.

Initially, it was an insignificant cult based in Victorian London. It was a secret society, an excuse for gentlemanly debauchery. In time, its members began to take their rituals seriously and found a book of ancient magic that offered them the power to control Time and summon demons. At some point, the book was stolen but the Cabal's surviving members retrieved it and learned its secrets. With the psionic sciences of the book, they began travelling through Time and conducted experiments to breed time-sensitives and time-channelers to change the Cabal into the all-powerful Sodality.

However, the manipulations of the timeline led to a devastated future and forced the Sodality to travel from the future into the past to prevent their own actions. They infiltrated the Cabal of the Horned Beast and began using it to kill time-sensitives. Summoning time beasts, they tasked these creatures with finding their targets and eliminating them. (PROSE: The Severed Man, Child of Time)

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