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Cafard Manger was the servant of the demon Pwccm. In appearance, bearing and dress, Cafard was similar if not identical to Bilis Manger, the servant of the rival demon Abaddon.

In 1876, the Rift opened and Pwccm and Abaddon partially emerged in Tretarri. Cafard and Bilis Manger acted as seconds, directing their lords' allies, the Dark and the Light, against each other. At the end of the duel, the two Mangers shook hands and Cafard pressed into Bilis and vanished.

No reference was made to Cafard outside of the year 1876. If Cafard Manger was ever completely distinct from Bilis, he seemed to have been gone by 2009, when Pwccm attempted to make the Dark-possessed Idris Hopper into his new servant. (PROSE: The Twilight Streets)

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