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Captain Callany was the owner of the Lankester.

In 1901, Callany began to consider retirement. He considered himself to be a sailor of old, unsuited to new methods. Upon his retirement he planned to give the Lankester to Chief Mate De Requin.

When Crawford was found murdered, the Sixth Doctor was blamed by Callany for his death and arrested, despite them having been together at the time of the murder.

Callany was unable to prosecute the Doctor via court martial as he was not a member of his crew. He had him inducted and sent to treat the ill Amy Ivans.

Later, Callany met the Doctor and told him that he had him arrested to make it appear to De Requin that he suspected him. However, he in fact suspected De Requin, believing that he was being watched.

The Doctor told Callany that he believed Amy was being poisoned with mercury. Callany agreed that it was the perfect substance to use due to the high rate of mercury poisoning aboard ships.

De Requin tried to force Callany to prepare him a lifeboat with which to escape the sinking ship. Peri showed them both Galliteya, a mermaid, and told him of De Requin's plans to sell her. Callany attempted to reason with him. He told him that all the lifeboats had gone and so De Requin shot and killed him. (AUDIO: Cryptobiosis)