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Queen Camilla was the consort of King Charles III of the United Kingdom. When the Tenth Doctor found that Edward VII had disappeared along with Balmoral Castle in 1902, he warned that the future of the royal family, along with the rest of history, was threatened. This meant that, along with the rest of his successors, there would be no Charles III and Queen Camilla. (PROSE: Revenge of the Judoon)

In 2010, two Automatons came to Earth in search of their planet's estranged crown prince, asking for "the son and heir." Hoping that it would make them leave, Clyde Langer responded, "You can definitely have Prince Charles! Take Camilla too, if you want." (TV: The Empty Planet)

When the Tenth Doctor explained to Rose Tyler that Reinette had plans of being King Louis XV's mistress, as he already had a queen, Rose responded, "Oh, I get it. Camilla," which Mickey Smith found amusing. (TV: The Girl in the Fireplace)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Prince Charles had met Camilla before his first wife, Princess Diana, but it's been reported that she would have been considered an "unsuitable" match by the palace; the two had an affair during his first marriage. The Girl in the Fireplace references this to quickly explain Reinette and Louis' relationship.

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