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Caminda was a rich kid. She was beautiful, had straight blond hair, and wore fashionable clothing.

Timeline 1 Edit

Caminda visited the Horizon Gallery with several other rich kids, and wasn't interested in anything but the Paradox. Caminda was bored when Penelope showed her around. She talked with her friends on the telephone, ate and yawned. She treated Penelope disrespectfully. When another rich kid dropped a sandwich on the floor, she told Penelope to pick it up. However, Amy Pond told Penelope not to pick it up. After this, Caminda and the other kids were attacked by a creature. They were all saved by Penelope, and, after this, they told everyone that Penelope was a hero.

When Penelope later realised that her older self was the creature, she stopped herself from becoming that creature by sacrificing herself. (AUDIO: The Art of Death)

Timeline 2 Edit

Since the Paradox never existed, Caminda never met the creature. (AUDIO: The Art of Death)

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